Much of the music published for the Cambiata Concept has three parts written in the treble clef and one part written in the bass clef.  It may be marked as Parts I, II, III, & IV, SSCB or SACB.  It makes the music particularly appropriate for adult singing organizations who have an abundance of women and few men.  Parts I & II may be sung by the first and second sopranos because the recommended range for these parts is B flat below middle C to F, top line treble clef.  The recommended range for Part III (written in the treble clef) is A below middle C to A above, which is compatible to the comfortable singing tessitura of most altos.  Part IV (written in the bass clef) has a compromise range which both tenors and basses can sing together (B flat, second line of the bass clef up to D above middle C).  This type voicing allows choral directors to divide their women three ways (SSA) and combine all their men on one part.

This arrangement of voice parts allows choirs who have three times as many women as men to sing four-part music with better balance.  With this type voicing, directors do not have to be content singing only three parts, usually SAB.  It is possible to enjoy a lush, traditional choral sound with just a few men.

The Cambiata Press catalog contains both sacred and secular pieces of practically all types:  masterworks, folk songs, hymn arrangements, spirituals, compositions by current composers/arrangers for both church and school, and festival/contest pieces.  View and hear many of their pieces online: